Casino Management Agreement Victoria

As part of our current regulatory control over Crown, we are required to conduct a casino operator check every five years. Each review contains recommendations that Crown must implement. We will then monitor and evaluate Crown`s implementation of these recommendations. We may order Crown to terminate relations with a junket operator to ensure that the casino remains free of criminal influence. We may also order that a person not be allowed to enter or not enter the casino. Gambling Regulations (Pre-Commitment and Loyalty Scheme) Regulations 2014 imposes questions relating to the prior obligation and the implementation of loyalty systems on slot machines, including the casino. Since 2013, we have evaluated and approved nine new associates and 3,724 special Casino employees. For a full list of currently licensed employees, see: Crown Melbourne Limited Associates Under the Casino Control Act 1991, we lay off the casino, approve its employees and license certain employees with gambling-related functions. An associate staff member is a person who holds or holds relevant financial interests, is empowered to exercise relevant authority, or is able to exert a significant influence on the administration or operation of the casino. The Gambling Regulation Act 2003 regulates the conduct of gambling activities in Victoria, with other than the casino. The purpose of the law is to promote responsible gambling for: Casino Control (Fees) Regulations 2015 imposes fees for various applications, including a special casino staff application. Premium player arrangements (or programs) are approved arrangements in which Crown agrees to pay a commission to a casino benefactor based on their casino revenue. The Casino Control Act of 1991 regulates gambling activities in Victoria casinos.

To date, Crown Melbourne is the only licensed casino operator in Victoria. Audits ensure that slot machines are properly installed and operate on approved software, that Casino employees strictly comply with all relevant requirements, and that the integrity of the games played on the casino is preserved. While we regulate The implementation of internal systems and controls by Crown to ensure that the management and operation of the casino remains free of criminal influence, charges of money laundering and terrorist financing fall within the jurisdiction of regulators and law enforcement agencies such as AUSTRAC and the Federal Police. Since 2013, more than 1,500 casino audits have been conducted as part of our compliance program. Our organization, other supervisory authorities and enforcement agencies are aware of the potential risks associated with money laundering and other criminal activities in casinos, including through junket operations. We cooperate collaboratively and proactively with other law enforcement authorities to ensure that the casino is free of criminal influence.