Representation Agreement Bc Section 9 Non Standard Enhanced Powers

Unless expressly included in the extended agreement, a representative cannot: 8 (1) An adult may enter into a replacement agreement consisting of one or more of the standard provisions approved in Section 7, although the adult is unable to find links to useful resources (such as value guides) in the Help section below. 26 (1) A person designated as a representative, substitute or observer in a representation agreement is not entitled to be paid for his or her duties as a representative or observer, unless an expanded representation agreement (in accordance with Article 9 of the Representation Agreement Act) authorizes an agreement that goes beyond the limited provisions of a model agreement. It can be as broad or detailed as the adult wants. Unlike a standard agreement (section 7), an extended agreement (section 9) requires the adult to be able to understand the nature and consequences of the agreement. Representation agreements are documents that have been established to ensure that decisions about an adult`s personal and health care are made based on the values, beliefs and wishes of the adult. If an adult loses the ability to make health decisions, a representation agreement gives a representative the authority to make public health legal decisions on behalf of that adult. Representation agreements should be linked and not at odds with the powers (which allow a lawyer to make financial and legal decisions, but not decisions about health and bodily care on behalf of the adult). Do not observe – even if it is “extensive” – no financial or legal issues. Your approval will be most effective if your representative knows what you want.

You have a legal obligation to consider your known wishes, values and beliefs when making decisions for you. So, once you`ve signed the contract, sit down and talk to them! If your representative does not know your wishes, values or preferences, they must make a decision that is in your best interest. Is aware that the agreement to represent, amend or revoke one of the provisions implies that the agent can make or make decisions about the adult; The representative in a typical convention of representation cannot: 7 (1) In a representation agreement under this section, an adult may authorize his representative to assist the adult in making decisions or decisions on behalf of the adult on either of the following points: Section 9 contains general formulations covering most of the powers or authorities of an RA9. , including the power to refuse subsistence health care. The authorities listed in Section 9 of the RA Act may cover all possible health and personal care skills. Section 7 (RA7) of the RA Act lists some of the same health and personal care skills, but not as much as those available in Section 9 (RA9) because of the different capacity requirements. 2. At the request of a representative, the Tribunal may give instructions or issue an opinion on the interpretation of a provision of a representation agreement.