Love this place. Greg was quick to respond to my questions via Yelp. He got me in earlier than planned for windshield replacement on my Nissan Titan. About $120 less than the company my insurance recommended. Had me back in business in a couple hours.

Bonus! He actually preserved a membership decal on the old windshield and put it on the new one. (No windshield place ever did that for me.) I'll definitely go back for any future windshield work. Tom W.
It's a family affair, sister, brother, and dad. Greg, the dad gave me some great advice regarding my choices of new windshields. He shared that I could opt for an OEM Mercedes product at $1050 for just the part. Alternatively I could select a manufacturer of glass that supplies the OEM market for $520, including installation and sales taxes. But I would need to be happy not having a "silver star" logo in the glass. I may drive Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but I didn't get to the point where I could afford them by wasting money. Thus, I chose the more affordable glass. Greg, and his staff were great in all regards, and I could not recommend them more highly. While hoping that I don't need another windshield in the near future; should the need arise you can be sure I will be revisiting Greg and his family.
Roger Roger P.
I stopped by in May for a pretty deep chip repair. Greg and his team were absolutely wonderful. They filled and smoothed the chip in no time. When the chip started to wear a little and became bumpy, I stopped by again. They re-capped it super quickly. Great service. Vickie T.
My car was way over due for a windshield replacement. Called on a Monday morning and I was able to get an appointment for the following day. I dropped my car off at 6:30am and Greg gave me a ride to my office in Bellevue. Car was ready for pickup by 10:00am. Fair price and quick, friendly service - highly recommend! Jenna G.
My windshield had a run-in with a rock, and the rock won, leaving a six-inch crack. It was the worst possible week for it to happen (is there ever a good time?), as it was pretty much impossible for me to get away to get it fixed.

Eastlake was wonderful. I left a message Sunday evening, got a call back first thing Monday morning. They quoted the price, told me how long it would take, discussed my insurance options, and got me a Tuesday morning appointment. For a nominal extra charge, they came to me to fix it, no problem - a huge relief given the week I was having.

The guys called when they were on their way over, arrived on time, got the windshield replaced in less time than they quoted - and even moved my Good-to-Go pass and oil change sticker over. Jessica S.
Well this morning on my drive into work a lovely large truck passed me in a rush and kicked up a monster size rock that hit my windshield. It hit square on driver side of the windshield and left a big chip that started to spider out on one side. I used my trusty Yelp search to locate Eastlake Auto Glass so I could get it fixed immediately.

Location: A little hard to find, but if you turn in right after the Avis sign you will see the Eastlake Auto glass tucked back in the back.

Office: Small but reasonably clean.

Service: Very friendly and explained the process thoroughly.

Cost: Fair priced and they guarantee their work with I like a lot!

My experience was really good, I felt like the price was fair & I didn't have to wait long for the chip to get fixed. I am a fan for sure, hopefully I won't need a chip fixed for a long while but if I do, I would come back to Eastlake Auto Glass for sure. Angela N.