Nasdaq Global Market Data Agreement

Note: OMX (Nordic) is now part of the NASDAQ and requires the activation of the OMX NASDAQ agreement. Under the terms of the Nasdaq Global Data Agreement, Nasdaq Information distributors must comply with the following data management guidelines. The Nasdaq reserves the right to update policies if necessary. This manual is regularly updated and interim updates are communicated to customers via Nasdaq Data News Alerts. Whether you`re implementing a new data product from Nasdaq or have questions about your existing account, this site is the single point of contact for all your administrative requirements. The term Exchange Access Fee is usually used to describe an agreement in which an organization`s clients, such as a broker. B, obtain market data on our supplier agreement and not through a direct agreement between the organization and the exchange. If an “Exchange Access Fee” is available, we allow an organization to opt out of the royalty by limiting the ability of the organization`s customers to subscribe to Exchange market data. However, the organization can allow the customer to access market data subscriptions for a fee. FactSet Licensing Contract Market provider data plan required before receiving data from the Bombay Stock Exchange in real time. We know that it can be difficult to board and familiarize yourself with a new supplier, which is why we are committed to simplifying the process to get you back to the tasks that require your attention.

Please read the helpful documents below and contact us if you have any other recommendations or questions. As a market data provider, IBKR is subject to various exchange agreements that define and control how this data can be disseminated. In addition, some exchanges charge a monthly fee (also known as the Exchange Access Fee) for the lender when real-time or deferred data is distributed. FactSet Licensing Agreement The market provider`s data plan is required before receiving market data from Asia, Canada, Europe (FTSE, Tullet Prebon, etc.) prior to receipt of Real-Time Global Exchange market data. Middle East, South America and U.S. stock exchanges (Dow Jones and MSCI). The Istanbul Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange are not included. Nasdaq Global Data Products focuses on developing innovative data products that provide superior market transparency to institutional, private and individual investors and respond to industry challenges. Product offerings include real-time data streams, web reports and plug-and-play technology for immediate access to market data. Trade in the United States, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Iceland, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. Global Data Products is an award-winning source of market information worldwide. Option Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) Professional Subscription Agreement, which contains options and index data from participating exchanges: AMEX, BATS, BSE, CBOE, ISE, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, PHLX ASX Trade BSP Data Disseminaton Authorization Form The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

(“NASDAQ”) Consolidated Subscriber Agreement NYSE Data Cancellation of Service for Non-Real Data Products. Nasdaq Global Data Products has branches around the world to better meet the needs and wishes of customers: External redistribution of Real Time NYSE Proprietary Data Products. NYSE Pillar Request Server Session Setup Guidelines NYSE Professional Subscriber Agreement is only required for NYSE/AMEX clients. Only necessary for the first NYSE customers. FINRA TRACE Data Subscriber Agreement for real-time access The table is as follows: An organisation pays EUR 800 for the non-professional Nordic Equity Level 1 -2, which allows the organisation`s customers to subscribe to Nordic Equities (NP, L1) or Nordic Equities (NP, L2).