Yoga Membership Agreement

8. Please stay calm in yoga/fitness rooms before/during/after class. TerminationSees users may terminate their affiliation after the initial 3-month period has expired. The termination form must be submitted online no later than 7 days before the next billing cycle. See termination form. the death, loss or damage of persons or property that may result from this transaction or the use of its products, services or classes. I fully agree that this publication must be as broad and comprehensive as the existing legislation allows, and if part of this publication is cancelled, the balance will remain fully in place and effective. This authorization applies to my heirs, the beneficiaries of the transfer, personal representatives and all other parents. As far as I know, this company relies on this publication if it agrees to conclude this agreement. I have read the unlocking of liability and the assumptions of the risk agreement, and I fully understand its terms and I have renounced essential rights by signing them, and I sign them freely and voluntarily without any incentive. Members can freeze membership for 2 months after 6 months of continuous self-drafting. This option will only be rewarded if you by email. If a member wishes to freeze their membership for more than one month, members will be charged a $50.00 reactivation fee to cover administrative costs.

Suspensions Users can suspend their subscription for a fee of $20 for up to one month, up to twice in 12 months. Suspended periods are not part of the general minimum duration of the contract that the user must complete. The suspension form must be submitted online no later than 7 days in advance. See suspension form. 13. MEMBER authorizes STUDIO and its authorized agents to contact them by email, phone or other means. Subject to applicable law, the Member agrees that each of these parties may contact the member at any postal address, telephone number or email address indicated in the territory of this Agreement, or at any other address that has been made available to such a party or subsequently obtained. MEMBERSHIP FREEZE POLICY: If you have a full-term membership (i.e. 6 months, etc.), you can freeze the time of your membership. If you wish to revoke this contract, you can terminate it with a written notification to STUDIO. Communication must say that you do not want to be bound by the treaty. The message must be delivered to Core Love Yoga and Fitness- 25 Maggies Way Suite 6 Dover, DE 19901.

Any cancellation or modification of this contract before the end of the contract, initiated by the customer, is charged with a fee of 50 USD. Payable on the day of cancellation. The company has the right to debit my bank account to charge these fees. All outstanding amounts must be recovered before the affiliation contract is terminated. If I am unable to pay the outstanding amounts, I still have an obligation to make monthly payments until all outstanding amounts are paid, at what point I can terminate my membership. I understand that I am not allowed to travel on the premises until all due payments have been made. Once your membership is complete, it is up to you to sign up for a new membership. 6.

MEMBER agrees that MEMBER should not use noisy or profane language on studio grounds, or that MEMBER harasses other studio MEMBERs, clients or employees, badger, attic, attack or harassment. If member demonstrates such conduct, MEMBER`s membership is subject to immediate termination and the balance of the contract is immediately declared due and fully due. 11. The parties hereafter agree that the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement is included in this agreement and replaces all previous agreements, agreements, commitments or commitments of the parties, written or orally, expressly or implicitly.